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Born in Russia and spending her early childhood in Algeria, Yasmine moved to Paris when she was eight. At this time she started to sing in a local choir and began to write her own music, using a second-hand piano provided by her mother. At this early age, Yasmine used music to express herself and to experience a sense of personal freedom that continues to this day. 


Yasmine Meddour gets inspiration from classical music (Ravel, Mahler, Shostakovich), film composers (A.Desplat, C. Mansell, J. Johannsson), alternative Rock artists (Radiohead, Bjork) and electronic music.

At the time she was studying music in high school,  the film director Xavier Gens offered her to compose and sing on the original song of his feature film "The Divide". Passionate about the relation between music and moving Images, Yasmine decides to work as a film composer. Currently, her song "Nedjma" where she sings in arabic is selected for the movie "Papicha" directed by Mounia Meddour, in competition at the Festival de Cannes. 

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